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INEX Incorporated PDF Print E-mail

Business: INEX Incorporated

Location: Holland, New York

# Employees: Seven Full Time Employees; One part time

Year Business Founded: Started in 1983

Summary of Story

INEX Incorporated is a small company that successfully survived the recent economic downturn without fully reducing its employment level.  The company took advantage of the NYS Short Work Week Unemployment to retain its workforce at that time.  Five of its seven employees used that benefit, and all five are now again fully compensated by INEX.

The company was originally founded on the premise that the superior heat transfer and material characteristics of silicon carbide would make an excellent replacement for nickel/chrome alloy (stainless steel) radiant tubes in high temperature industrial furnaces all of which eventually fail.  However, its high cost was a barrier to industry acceptance and the company had to invent a new low cost processing method for tubular shapes.  The process was literally developed in one of the founding member’s basement and later moved into a horse barn where prototype tubes were first fabricated.  Still later, the company built a unique manufacturing facility around the equally unique vertical induction furnaces.  This facility enabled the company to successfully compete with conventional metal tubes and now has customers worldwide.

As the company matured, its customers required material validation and testing.  Both the NYSTAR-sponsored CACT at Alfred University and NYSERDA-sponsored work at Renssalear Polytechnic Institute were instrumental in providing material analysis that the company was unable to do internally.  The original development benefited from support by the Gas Research Institute (now the Gas Technology Institute) in Chicago, Illinois.

Recently, the company has developed heat exchanger tubes with spiraled internal fins that are expected to significantly impact heat transfer industries globally.  Although the company is still relatively small in terms of employees, it now enjoys a global reputation for helping users of industrial furnaces improve their productivity and reduce maintenance expenses.


Industry Advisors

As a complement, the Center for Advanced Ceramic Technology (CACT) is building a "Team" of Industry Advisors from a broad spectrum of industries experienced in a wide range of industries such as Energy, Healthcare, and Environment.

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The Center for Advanced Ceramic Technology is sponsored by the New York State Foundation for Science, Technology and Innovation.

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Short Courses

For those interested in increasing their expertise in the field of ceramics and glasses, or those just being introduced, Short Courses are a good option. Designed for professionals in the ceramics and glass industry, these intensive courses offer a chance to update knowledge of the field in a short period of time.  Courses range from detailed, in-depth examinations of very specific topics to broader introductory classes.

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