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CACT Research Options PDF Print E-mail

“The testing and analysis facilities at the CACT, combined with their years of ceramic expertise, have made them a valuable resource to our company.”
– Truett Sweeting, operations manager, VESUVIUS Hi-Tech Ceramics.






At Alfred University’s Center for Advanced Ceramic Technology (CACT), the primary mission is to help NYS companies retain and create jobs, increase their productivity, and boost their profitability through research in advanced ceramic materials and processing. The CACT offers a wide range of research options to help businesses grow and thrive.

Short-Term Proprietary Research PDF Print E-mail

Got a problem? Need a quick answer? This option may work.  Short-term projects typically address immediate problems and help to "put out fires" so that your own process can move along.  An Alfred University faculty member will supervise the research project, and if needed, may also be retained as a consultant.


Non-Proprietary Research Contract PDF Print E-mail

In this option, a company specifies a research topic for 12 months or more.  The research may be published as a graduate thesis, with a short delay in the publication of results, as appropriate.  A faculty principal investigator (PI) supervises the research and serves as the primary contact with the CACT.

Proprietary Research Contract PDF Print E-mail

A company specifies a research problem to be investigated.  The company retains all rights to the data, and technology involved, except for agreed-to publication criteria.

Analytical Services PDF Print E-mail

Analytical services utilize Alfred University's comprehensive facilities for materials research to provide companies with timely testing results.  Alfred University offers a number of standard measurements to assess optical, mechanical, electrical, chemical, and micro structural properties.

However, not all needs can be met with standard measurements - in such cases, principal investigators work with the client to develop more complex testing protocols.  Clients retain all intellectual property rights to results provided via basic analytical testing.


  • Services are adapted to meet any unique requirements.

  • The CACT and its academic partners here stay current with the latest trends.  No matter how specialized the need.

  • The CACT and its academic partners are committed to giving the exact services needed.
Center for High Temperature Characterization (CHTC) PDF Print E-mail

Unique Research Capabilities

  • Understanding links between high temperature environments and material performance.

  • High-end analytical facilities with internationally recognized materials expertise.

Custom Solutions

  • Internationally recognized expertise of Alfred University in ceramics and glass.

  • Unique concentration of resources within the CHTC allows the principal investigators to design a highly effective testing program for any specific project.

Extensive Facilities

  • The CHTC has extensive facilities for characterizing the response of materials to high temperature environments.
Graduate Fellowship PDF Print E-mail

Here a company would submit a general area of research, and a faculty principal investigator would supervise an assigned graduate student and help determine the specific problem to be investigated. The university is assigned all rights to patents, and the research is published in open literature without prior company approval.  The fellowship would be named for the sponsoring company.

Note that while 12 months is the minimum requirement for this option, a three-year commitment is preferred to ensure that the graduate student completes his or her PhD research.  A one year commitment would minimally cost about $80,000, while a three year commitment would cost about $240,000.


Industry Advisors

As a complement, the Center for Advanced Ceramic Technology (CACT) is building a "Team" of Industry Advisors from a broad spectrum of industries experienced in a wide range of industries such as Energy, Healthcare, and Environment.

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The Center for Advanced Ceramic Technology is sponsored by the New York State Foundation for Science, Technology and Innovation.

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Short Courses

For those interested in increasing their expertise in the field of ceramics and glasses, or those just being introduced, Short Courses are a good option. Designed for professionals in the ceramics and glass industry, these intensive courses offer a chance to update knowledge of the field in a short period of time.  Courses range from detailed, in-depth examinations of very specific topics to broader introductory classes.

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